We’re thrilled with this opportunity to make your day.

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite trail food: Trail Butter’s Almond Butter, Maple Syrup and Sea Salt Granola. That’s not three different flavor options, that’s one glorious combo in an ingenious package (called the Lil Crunch). A package that, for the active crowd, conveniently slips right into a running vest front pouch ready to be tipped back and dumped into your anxious mouth. It’s not just granola, it’s an energy bar. I bet with a little practice, you could even pour some oat milk in the pouch and eat it with a spoon while you run.

Trail Butter granola
Kim Strom honing her pour, gobble and go skills.

There’s just one problem. Once that little bag gets torn open and you’ve gotten the taste of the little nuggets of granola goodness, not dumping the entire bag into your mouth is truly a monumental struggle.

But for those that cannot get enough of this wondrous concoction, we have some news of the “you heard it here first” variety. Trail Butter will be releasing “Big Crunch” bags this summer. This means we all need to figure out how to have a 14oz bag of granola attached to our running vests. Finally, the word is some new flavors are coming as well, something that may involve ginger and berries.

This is most certainly not just any granola. In fact a new word needs to be created for what Ma Boggs has crafted in the Trail Butter kitchen.

Loaded with 360 calories and 10 grams of plant protein, this non-GMO, vegan, gluten free granola comes in a resealable pack ready for trail action. When you’ve finished with your granola supply you can drop off the empty packages at retailers where you can also conveniently purchase more granola. It’s a circular experience.

We cannot say enough good things about what Trail Butter has come up with. But we can say, go get some.

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Trail Butter granola
Product test – pass

Full disclosure… yes, I am a Trail Butter athlete ambassador. Yes, I get Trail Butter products for free to use and promote. No, I don’t have to do this, I chose to share how much I like it, just like my friends, all of whom have cleaned me out of granola and I really need more.

By Dan Patitucci

Trail Butter granola
Kim, happily still working on her multi-tasking skills