Like so many things, it all started with a wild idea. “We should do a trail running guide for the Sierra.” At the time, it came out of nowhere while, appropriately, trail running in the Sierra.

Today, just over a year later, we’re launching Sierra Trail Runs : A Guide to the Eastside just ahead of the photo guidebook that’s coming later this year.

If Sierra trail running is your thing, or you’re looking to develop your skills to go bigger and higher, we’re about to share 36 carefully crafted, premium quality, trail runs ranging from introductory tours to full on backcountry adventures. It’s all in the book…coming summer 2022.

The goal of this site is to present some basic information about the Eastern Sierra Nevada and be an ongoing resource for trail and peak running in the Sierra, the Whites and the Inyo. This site is also home to the GPX tracks for all the book runs which will be made available with the purchase of the print book. 

In the coming months, our Posts section will fill up with additional information about the region, “how to” trail running tips, and trip reports from running Sierra peaks. We’ll have some fun with our running, writing, photos, and sharing stoke with the running community.

A full year of work got us here. We’re thrilled and more than a little excited to see where it’ll lead.

In the next Post, you’ll meet our Team and learn about the process of making the book complete with some behind the scenes silliness.

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By Dan Patitucci