When I first came to Bishop, I kept seeing Ann’s art on hats, in businesses, on the walls of just about every friends’ house. Her skylines and bold lines became part of how I see the Sierra. For me and the rest of our guidebook team, we are stoked to see her work on the cover of Sierra Trail Runs and on the pages introducing each chapter.

It’s been great to meet Ann in person here in Bishop. If you don’t know her already, here’s just a bit about Ann Piersall Logan. 

Above image: Alabama Hills, acrylic on canvas. You can check out more of her artwork at annieplogan.com

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Bishop?

I am from northwest Montana and grew up skiing and hiking. I spent my twenties working seasonally, ski patrolling, working for the park service, and traveling around the west.  My now husband brought me to Eastern Sierra for the first time and I fell in love with the skiing and climbing. We moved here over ten years ago, spending our first few years in Mammoth Lakes, and eventually we moved to Bishop. I love the landscape, the recreational opportunities, and the small Eastside communities.

Bishop California Artist Ann Piersall

What’s your background as an artist?

I have always loved making art. However, art has never been my primary focus or passion. I studied ecology and geography in college and have primarily worked in science and outdoor jobs. My free time is typically spent recreating, skiing, hiking and being outdoors. Somewhere in between I have made art. Some seasons have allowed for more creativity and productivity than others.

How do mountain sports (hiking, running, skiing) influence your work?

Traveling in the mountains takes you to amazing places. There is nothing like moving across the landscape on skis or foot. It is an art to itself. In painting I am often trying to capture not only the physical thing, such as a mountain ridge or alpine lake, but also the joy and emotions of getting to and being in these magical places.

Ann and Zoa Hiking
Ann and Zoa hiking and skiing
Ann and Zoa Skiing

You create artwork that is both unique and universally loved by the mountain crowd, this is a rare combination. What influences your style?

The Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin never cease to amaze me. There are so many new nooks and corners to explore. And returning to the same place is different every time. The expanse of the landscapes here, the flora, the geology, and the weather, all continually give me new material and ideas.

What landscape of the Eastern Sierra inspires you most?

My favorite places are interwoven with special memories and include powder skiing in old growth junipers, wandering in alpine foxtail pine forests, jumping into alpine lakes, and spring corn skiing. Living in the Eastern Sierra, I have always been in love with the mountains and alpine environment. Over the years, the desert basin and ranges have really found their way into my heart as well. 

Telescope Peak, acrylic on canvas

As an artist, how have you found your place in a small mountain town community? 

The Eastern Sierra is full of amazing and wonderful people, including many artists, businesses, and great community members who are invested in the Eastside.  I wear many different hats professionally and personally and enjoy all the different aspects of getting to know a community.

With the new addition to your family, plus a full time job, when are those darn fine trucker hats going to be available again?

I’m not sure. For now, I guess AnnieP Hats are collectors items. Someday, when I find a bit more time, they will be back.

Follow @annieplogan for updates and more. 

And we’re excited to finally unveil the Sierra Trail Runs guidebook cover featuring Bishop Tablelands by Ann! Available for preorder soon.